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This is a huge revolutionary change for guitar players. I think even you do not realize how big of a revolution this represents!
We are now in the realm of bassoon and oboe players with their reeds!!

Eliot Fisk

Dear Dave,
I can't say how much I appreciate your product. Wow! It's just wonderful. I never looked back. No more of praying for my real nails. Your nails have a perfect thickness, elasticity and strength. They actually feel like real nails, good ones! And they lend so many possibilities for different sound effects and tone colors! I was expecting a plasticky and dull sound I've heard so many times, but I found none of that. Thank you again!

Grisha Goryachev
For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Goryachev, here's a treat for you:

I've been using the Instant Nails now for a little over a year, and they're just fantastic. I can't believe how much better my playing has gotten since I have great nails all of the time. I used to spend way to much time fussing with my real nails and they always had some issue going on. Of course this adversely affected my playing a lot. Now I always get uniform tone, and great response all of the time. I love it. I can't recommend them enough.
Thank you!

K. M.
Sacramento Ca.

Best nail I've ever put on. It is easy to play and sounds great!

Arnie Gamble

I was a frustrated classical guitarist of > 50 years (including 4 years majoring in guitar @Hartt School of Music). Frustrated because God gifted me with right-hand fingernails where each looked like the letter "M" - and sounded like a fingernail clipper on the strings. In fact I'd given up solo playing and took to using a flat pick and even tried playing with no (zero) fingernails. No joy. And then I found Guitar Player Nails. No one was more skeptical of these products than I was - but in the 9th inning of my career I figured 'why not?' - best guitar decision I ever made. Guitar Player Nails immediately cleaned up my sound, creating beautiful clear notes (both rest & free stroke) on all four fingers+thumb (PIMA). They're extremely easy to play with (scales + arpeggios) - and they were nowhere near as difficult to apply as I'd imagined. The company support guy was great to work with - available, knowledgeable, he answered all my questions both over the phone & via video chat. I can't recommend a product more highly.
Jon Sayles


My congratulations to you folks! You're product is truly a concert saver. I've been plagued with a damaged thumbnail bed from an injury several years ago, so as a consequence my thumbnail always splits vertically. My only cure has been to simply cut off the nail and play without a nail on the thumb. I've tried all the manicurist's tricks, I've used a UV lamp polymer kit....nothing worked. Well guess what...I saw your link on the GFA site, read through it, and decided to try out your nails. The kit came immediately, and I was successful at getting the nail on my first try, and it has been on for 3 weeks now, and I have a thumbnail that sounds great. It shapes well, it has not peeled up, it doesn't wear from the bass strings, and although I can see that my natural nail is growing, after 3 weeks it doesn't look like I'm anywhere close to having to change the nail yet, it looks like I'll get another 3 weeks out of it at least!

Thanks again for a truly great product! You all have no idea how exciting this is for me.

In Peace,
Joel Carter, guitarist (California)

This is simply put, the best nail kit for guitarists i've yet tried. The application is easy, and they have the most natural feel of any artificial nail I've used. Thanks again for a great product!
-Dr. Michael Boyd
Professor of Guitar, Jones County Junior College
Centaur Records Recording Artist

This is more than just a good product, it's revolutionary. I can have great sounding nails whenever I want. No more worries about my nails. They sound as good as the best natural nails I've ever had. Incredible tone. And I can apply them in about 5 minutes. Best kept secret I've ever known.

I must say, I'm astonished. You've very simply solved a problem I've been struggling with for over thirty years: weak, brittle, and unreliable nails, particularly the thumb, but also often the index finger. I've tried diet, nail treatments, the works, but to no avail. Invariably I'd get a split or an accidental nick that would result in a nail torn back to or beyond the fingertip, followed by weeks and sometimes months of careful nurturing and re- growth, only to randomly repeat the same.

I briefly tried fingerpicks, but that never felt natural or enough in control to me, and I've always insisted on being ready to play without having to "suit up." My predominant genre is American finger-style ala Kottke, Fahey, and even Hedges, but I also like to play classical from time to time, as well as R&R, blues, and some folk. These nails serve all purposes exceptionally well. They feel completely natural, and I can confidently pick, pluck, or strum away with the knowledge that I can quickly restore any of them if damaged.

Now I just need to refine my manicuring skills a bit so they're as visually appealing as they are functional, but I'm making progress there, too J I'm incapable of describing to you how good Kottke's "Watermelon" sounds on my 12-string with these nails...

Mike Freese
Senior Vice President

Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful product and tell you that in a lifetime of playing Classical and Flamenco guitar, I have used every possible combination of chemicals that I could find while always searching for something that actually worked. A few of these experiments were downright destructive! Finally! This is a great solution to a lifetime dilemma of suffering limited right hand function because of fragile nails. After using this product now for several weeks, I still find it difficult to believe that it can work as well as it does and still remain comfortable and unobtrusive. It's also as tough as hell! Additionally, the rich, warm sound available is nothing short of amazing!
I can't thank you enough!
Best regards, Hal

I received the nail kit about an hour after losing the latest repair to my broken index fingernail. in brief: i'm playing naturally, with total confidence, and with the full range of tonal/dynamic possibilities. i had the replacement nail on, shaped, polished and string-ready within a half-hour of opening the box. it's a superb system and works flawlessly.

Certainly, there's no doubt about its strength. anyway, i'll never have the strong natural nails i want, but now i'm optimistic that i have an unbeatable fix "at hand".
many thanks
vic brod

Wow! it is the waited solution!!! for FLAMENCO
this nails works 100% at full power + volume in Flamenco Technique, it is the bestttt of all guys, I've tried everything of other emergency kits, artificial nails, ......etc,, no one works like this project, simply (FAST! it took from me 12 min)!, I swear it would shock any Flamenco guitarist in spain or other countries, it would surprise paco de lucia ! I swear..
special thanks for the friends that create this magic!
Good luck all
Flamenco guitarist.

. . . is fantastic! I ordered a kit a couple of months ago but hadn't used it till yesterday, when my m finger nail broke off. I thought it would take a long time to cut and glue the artificial nail but the instructions were very good and even on the first try it only took about 15 minutes. The next ones will be even faster. The artificial nail on my m finger sounds exactly like my natural i and a nails, which means it sounds much better than my natural m nail. That nail, unlike the others, is very thin and brittle, so that it is prone to splitting and breaking, and on free strokes it sounds thinner than the others.

Since the artificial nail is such a huge improvement, and since it only covers the outer half of the nail, I'm inclined to just leave one on all the time, replacing it regularly with a new one after the natural nail grows out.
Thanks for bringing this great product to market.
David Cooke

I have used Instant Nail for five days now on all my cotton picking fingers except the pinky. I'm thrilled with their sound quality, durability and how natural they feel. I am learning to play Flamenco guitar, so I tend to give my nails quite a drubbing. Your Instant Nails have held up magnificently. They have remained well glued through showers, hand washing and even two hours of rowing (my hands stay wet most of the time when I row). Your instructions were very easy to follow. In all, it took me about 45 minutes to glue on all four nails, trim and file them. I like Instant Nails so much I'm considering using them all the time. You've just won a loyal customer.


I used many different artificial nails, but your product is by far the best one so far. A week a go I used Savarez kit for the first time because someone recommended me. I hated that product! It chipped and cracked so easily, and sounded bad. It did not last a day, and I could not stand it! That product is so over-priced, like so many French products are, and I will recommend your products and not Savarez. After all, why in the world do Americans have to rely on French products when we have better products made here in U.S? Boycott France!

Masato Tachi
Scottsdale, AZ

I tried one of your nails on my pitifully thin "a" finger...sounds amazing! I directed a member of the Classical Guitar Forum to your site as he inquired about fake nails.



The kit arrived today. I'm very impressed. It's all top quality. You've really got this problem figured out. The nail material is superb, and the glue is far better than super glue. Your instructions are spot-on - rich in detail and useful. I recommend this kit with no qualification. The quality of the nail produced has to be seen to be believed. And heard. And played.

Thanks again!
-- t.

I wanted to write and let you know these nails are working out great for me. I use just three, "p" "m" and "a". My "a" nail has an odd shape and this is the first product that has ever really worked on it, giving a good shape and tone. And I won't bore you with the details but like a lot of players I have tried many different nail solutions, my natural nails being very thin. Your product is a keeper and I can stop looking! It's a bonus that cosmetically they look like natural nails. Thanks very much.