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Since 1993 we've been providing great fingernails for guitarists.

                      We've changed the way guitarists look at artificial nails.                        

You can be free of nail worries, emergencies, and problems for the rest of your life.

Our nails feel and sound like great natural nails. Perfect for classical guitarists,
and are durable enough for steel string and flamenco guitar players.

Easy to use. With our materials and methods of application you'll
be able to apply a nail and be ready to play in less than 5 minutes.

Safe to use every day. Won't hurt your natural fingernails.
Great for nail emergencies, on a problem finger, or for permanent use.

Many of the worlds greatest guitarists use artificial nails on a permanent basis.
Here's what a couple of them say about our nails and methods of application:

"This is a huge revolutionary change for guitar players.
I think even you do not realize how big of a revolution this represents.
We are now in the realm of bassoon and oboe players with their reeds!!"
Eliot Fisk.

"Your Nails have a perfect thickness, elasticity and strength. They actually feel like real nails, good ones.
And they lend so many possibilities for different sound effects and tone colors!
I was expecting a plasticky and dull sound I've heard so many times before, but I found none of that.
Thank you again!"
    Grisha Goryachev.
Here's a video of Grisha talking about GuitarPlayerNails.com.

To hear what our nails sound like, here are some samples of guitarists who are using our nails:
Grisha Goryachev
Eliot Fisk
 Dave Kear

Read what some of our customers say about our nails


We offer free support for as long as you need us. Call us at 209-295-4969,  email, and we also have Skype and Zoom. We'll be glad to go over any aspect of our application. If you're unfamiliar with our materials and methods, have any nail problems, or have tried other artificial nail solutions that haven't worked well, feel free to call or e-mail us any time. We can help you solve any nail problems you have.

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