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Since 2002 we've been providing great fingernails for guitarists.

You can have durable fingernails that sound and feel like great natural nails.
You can apply them yourself in about 5 minutes and use them on a daily basis.

Our nails have a wide diversity of tone, great for classical guitarists, and are durable enough for steel
string and flamenco players. Many guitarists use our nails as a permanent alternative to natural fingernails.
There is no other fingernail system for guitarists on the market that achieves the results ours does.
To hear what our nails sound like, here are some samples of guitarists who are using our nails:
Grisha Goryachev
Eliot Fisk
Dave Kear

Currently we have thousands of guitarists using our nails. Click here to read what some of them have to say about us.

We have great service...
And lots of experience with fingernails for guitarists. If you don't achieve the exact tone and performance you want from our nails, call us at 209-295-4969,  email, or you can Skype us, and we'll make sure you do. We'd be glad to go over any aspect of our application. If you're unfamiliar with our materials and methods of application, or have any nail problems at all, feel free to call or e-mail us any time. There's no fingernail problem that can't be solved.